Monday, May 01, 2006

Listeria Hysteria Revisited or The Return Of The Killer Chicken

It was my own fault; I was doing the shopping and was holding a Rainbow Wholefoods Bag for life and I think she got the wrong idea about me. This person in the black skirt striking the pose is (I think) a Petra press spokesperson. I have never been so flattered as when she mistook me for a press photographer. (It must be the blood rimmed eyes and the smell of alcohol). I felt almost guilty disabusing her and I am not certain she believed me any way

She kept following me offering this press release. I did consider digging into my bag and using the Pickerings Organic Sausages I had got for Master Blink's tea in much the same way as Van Helsing uses a cross and garlic against Count Dracula but decided this was probably a bit over the top.

As far as I could ascertain they had got dressed up as a publicity stunt and had informed the press they would be there but the press were not biting.

I think the fix is in with such photo-opportunities as our "betters" are doing everything to prevent panic in the streets where bird flu is concerned. Somewhat unsuccessfully.

But hang on a minute. We must not laugh too much. This was not a harmless bit of eccentric behaviour. These people were dressing up for a purpose. They are trying to make you, I and our children scared. They are exploiting peoples fears - by wearing what is supposed to look like biohazard suits - to push their views on vegetarianism. They are not bothered that you cannot catch bird flu by eating poultry. Their purpose is soley to push their agenda by feeding upon our fears. Like all tuppenny-halfpenny zealots they are less concerned with the truth than with conversion.

Nothing New Under The Sun
Bird Flu Facts stolen from The Independent newspaper.
A form of avian flu was first identified in 1878, in Italy.
The current H5N1 strain was first found in 1959, in Scotland.
Date of first human death connected with H5N1 strain of bird flu:1997.

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