Saturday, January 26, 2013

Agent Wendy Pleakley and the View-master Stanhope

Originally a give-away with McDonald's' Family Meals 2002.
The character, Agent Wendy Pleakley, from the Walt Disney animated film Lilo And Stitch

A lever in the back of the character lifts the model View-master to the eye of the creature. The single eye becomes the viewing lens for a Stanhope showing scenes from the film. (Unfortunately NOT in 3D). 'Clicking' the lever of the View-master changes the view. There are eight scenes in total.

The photograph shows the same toy from more than one angle.

Embossed on View-master:
©2002 Mattel, Inc
Embossed on back of figure:
Made for McD's Corp 2002
Made in China C-FC
© Disney

Lilo & Stitch: