Monday, August 15, 2005

Small Wave at Waxham

Small Wave

Another photograph from the beach at Waxham, North Norfolk, UK. This picture has been 'messed' around with PaintShopPro and Virtual Painter. I lay down on the sand to take this photo and had to roll backwards very quickly to avoid getting wet.

It is the 'banding' effect I was after. I may even have succeeded. Beach/seaside photography is fascinating in the attempt but probably less interesting to view the results.

Titles below: 'North Sea' 'Boy On The Beach' 'The Great British Holiday' 'Flotsam' 'Jetsam' 'Flotsam: Exploded Bucket'

North SeaBoy on the beachThe Great British HolidayFlotsamjetsommore flotsam: exploded bucket.

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