Friday, November 02, 2007


Progress, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

A few 19th and 20th Century Cream Bottles and jugs photographed to demonstrate how ignorant and savage our ancestors were. All these were reusable; it was a simple matter to return them to the milkman, have them washed and sterilised and reused. How much better our modern method of putting cream into plastic pots and sending them to a landfill. How clever we are to have realised that it is better to smash up bottles and "recycle" them rather than wash and use them again.

Back-row (l-r) 1. Earthenware jug. incised mark Western Counties Creameries. 2. Earthenware jug. No Mark 3. Earthenware Pot with Registration Mark. 4. 1960s Glass bottle. MMB (Milk Marketing Board)

Front Row (l-r) Earthenware jug. Makers mark - the Dorset Pottery. Earthenware pot - Hailwoods Rich Cream Manchester

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