Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Exile From Crinkly Bottom

I don't know what you call them (The opposite of tableau vivant - tableau mordant maybe) but the displays at Norwich Castle are without exception hilarious.

Noel Edmonds (for it is he) can be plainly seen being ejected from a night club by an extremely camp bouncer in Roman costume. Proof, if proof was needed, that "our Noel" has been around for far too long. His helecopter is hidden behind the houses.

The one below shows someone who looks suspiciously like Brian Sewell getting it in the neck from a Roman soldier presumably the target of his art criticism.

Brian Sewell Gets It In The Neck

The glimpse of the Iceni Village in the background is weirdly reminiscent of Thorpe Marriot the commuter "village" created in the 1980s on the outskirts of Taverham. The Iceni village does not appear to have a pub, shop, post office, school, church or village hall either.

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