Saturday, April 26, 2008

Go To The UEA For A Charisma Free Future

Bloody U.E.A. Parents spend ages trying to persuade their kids that going to University is a gateway to an exciting and glamorous future and they go and produce this.... ( and they choose an assistant headteacher in exotic Lowestoft to boot to be the "face" of the campaign).

Is this the worst advertising campaign ever?

No wonder a whole generation has grown up who consider appearing on Celebrity Love Island is a more effective pathway to an exciting career.

I think we should demand that the whole staff of the U.E.A. resign over this one. From the Cleaners to the Chancellor. No exceptions. Further and higher education is not safe in their hands.

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Teena said...

oh ho ho ho ha ha! I'm with you on this one. What a joy to find I'm not the only one who cringes and covers my young son's eyes every time I pass one of these condescending and patronising posters! I am just amazed more of them do not display creative graffiti messages! I shall tour Norwich with my camera to see if I can find any!