Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sign O' The Times(continued)

Gun Law, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

I wondered when I saw this cast iron sign if the local parish council were concerned that gangs of armed Motorcycle Hoodlums were going to descend on Gunton Road Park and lay waste to the place in an orgy of violence unseen in Norfolk since the arrival of the Viking economic migrants.

Within ten feet there were two more signs informing the public that guns were not allowed caused me to look around for a parkkeeper who looked like Wyatt Earp. (The warning that there was a fifty quid fine for anyone found in possession of a firearm, although probably quite a harsh penalty in somewhere like Arkansas seemed rather lenient for the UK.)

Gun LawGun Law

My fears were allayed somewhat by this fourth notice which clearly depicts someone on a Honda 50 moped; a machine that no respectable gun toting Hells Angel would be seen within a mile of.

It seems that no Honda mopeds are allowed

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