Friday, August 27, 2010

"I am a camera (me no Leica)"

So I was on Norwich Provisions market when a thought struck me.

Well that's a lie because two thoughts struck me; the first being Why do they call it Norwich Provisions Market when there seem to be only about five stalls that sell provisions? It would be more truthful to call it Norwich bag market because there are about eight or nine stalls scattered throughout it selling bags.

The Handbags And The Gladrags

These are all owned by just one person and I believe he took on only one of them because he scooped the jackpot one week on the National Lottery - the rest became his almost by accident. He also has a shop on "Back Of The Inns". He certainly got that by accident. When the council finally decided to renovate the Garden Of Remembrance, all the stall holders who used the cellars underneath for storage had to move out. The cheapest alternative storage he could find in a hurry was a shop and as he had the premises, he felt he may as well open it.

Anyway back to my story. I was on the misleadingly named Norwich Provisions Market when two thoughts struck me. The second one was; why don't I go and visit the guy who sometimes sells cameras?

I came, I saw, I was tempted and I fell.

I swapped the Olympus C310 Zoom (aka D-540 Zoom) I bought the other day and ten pounds for a Fujifilm A860. On the plus side it is 8.1 mega pixels, works a lot faster and handles colours better than the Olympus although unfortunately like the Olympus it is almost fully automatic and it appears the only option for output is JPG. Still never mind what can one expect for fifteen quid?

My master plan is that I will have swapped and dealt up to a Leica M9 by Christmas; only having spent about £120 on it.

I got home and took this photo of the camera in tribute to fellow Norfolk Flickr persons Tim Caynes and Harry Harris who, if you follow the links on their names you will discover, both like to give a lot of head in their pictures. I can say that because neither will read down as far as here.

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