Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wooden walled camera with shutter

This is the same camera as shown here. I have successfully got the before-the-lens shutter mechanism to work and this photograph shows it in situ.

The shutter is a simple, brass, non-returning, spring fired, rotary shutter that has to be turned every time before use. The 'cocked' shutter is held in place by a small latch that is released to make an exposure. Although the rotary shutter was first proposed in 1851 they were not in general use until 1886. Their great advantage was that they did not shake the camera unlike the earlier flap shutters. If this shutter is contemporary with the camera (and I have no reason to believe that it is not) the presence of this shutter makes the camera slightly younger than I first thought. I would now date it to about 1895-1910.

Also shown in this photograph is one of the plate holders.

I may or may not strengthen or replace the spring that holds the cocking mechanism in place but I have now largely finished all the repairs and renovations I intend.

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