Thursday, April 21, 2011

A pair of Norfolk Broads Binoculars

Because of the bank holiday I had to do my Friday trawl of Norwich's Junk Shop today. This was my outstanding find of the day. A pair of Binoculars inscribed N.B.S.C. Commodores Race 1913. Won by "Vaquero". This would have been before the Norfolk Broads Sailing Club moved into their present site in the 1930s on Wroxham Broad.

This is a double piece of local history because attached to the case are two tickets for entrance to the West Norfolk Hunt Club Grand Stand and Paddock. One for 1950 and one for 1955. This was presumably Fakenham Races. Interestingly the ticket in 1950 was 30/- (£1.50) - a very high price for the time and in 1955 it was 25/- (£1.25). The only example of deflation I can think of in 1950s Britain.

The only makers name on the binoculars is Chadburns Liverpool. It is unlikely they actualy made them but rather badgemarked them. Chadburns was and is famous as the manufacturers and inventors of ships telegraphs.

A pair of Norfolk Broads Binoculars

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