Monday, January 02, 2006

The Collective Noun For Photographers.

The chap with the high end Canon told me that there had been a traffic jam of people with cameras in the Cathedral Close that morning at first light; all trying to photograph the place with virgin snow. The lad with the compact is his son. The woman in the background photographing her daughter was no relation to them (I think). They were part of a crowd of people with cameras (Myself included) jostling each other while attempting to photograph the kids sledging on St James' Hill.

This is not a new problem; at the last Lord Mayor's procession I was unable to see the fireworks properly because of the number of people holding their cameraphones high above their heads. They were not looking at the fireworks; they were looking at their photographs of the fireworks on their tiny mobile screens.

Was direct experience too much for them and they had to have it filtered through a screen in the same way that television filters reality every night?

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