Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cutting Brick

Lion And Grapes, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

The Victorian and Edwardian architects in the interest of decoration would mix and match design elements to produce what can only be described as surreal combinations; This example from a window to the Old Royal Hotel on the corner of Prince Of Wales Road and Bank Plain, Norwich shows the coat of arms of that City against a background of plump Mediterranean grapes.

Oh well I suppose they could have been grown in a hothouse on the Mile Cross and the more credible combination of the City Badge on top of some turnips would not, somehow, have the same appeal.

As a matter of interest does anyone sculpt brick anymore?

Old Bank Of England Court, Norwich: Arts And Craft Brick Lettering

The above sign begs a lot of questions not least of which is how was it done? Was the lettering cut into a block of brick tile or were the letters moulded and then fired? Could you go into an Edwardian building supply shop (an old time equivalent of Jewsons) and buy letters 'off the peg'? This is something that needs further investigation.

Pitman House (1912) Corner of Recorder Road and Prince of Wales Road (detail)

This last one is interesting because the tiles appear to have been originally painted.

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