Saturday, February 18, 2006

St Peters Hoveton

St Peters is a delightful church. Bounded on one side by a ha-ha there is a terrific view of Hoveton Hall from the graveyard. And a seat if you want to have a picnic
Built of red brick with a Norfolk thatch roof it is of the low church rather rather than the 'smells and bells' wing of the C of E.

St Peters Hoveton Interior

As this is England the church was, of course, locked. I was able to take a photograph through the west end window of the interior which was not very satisfactory. I have used PaintShopPro and the Virtual Painter program to try and give a feel of what the interior is/must be like. I have included the original with the set of photographs of St Peters Hoveton in case anyone wants to try to do better (I would be very grateful if they do)

Play With Me

I am a sentimentalist at heart and I rather like the effect (entirely accidental) of the light coming through the East Window and sillouetting the cross.

Note the simple altar (or communion table), the plain cross, the lack of a gate on the communion rail, the simple pews and save for a few monuments the lack of any decoration. I do have to mention that when I was a boy growing up in a similar rural Norfolk parish the cloth might have been considered quite popish. I remember the uproar when a new rector put silver candlesticks on the altar. What a long way we have come.

St Peters Hoveton

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