Friday, October 13, 2006


Draw!, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

We get a lot of them round Riverside Road; artists following the Leslie Davenport trail of where to paint in Norwich. They target Pulls Ferry or Cow Tower or, as in this case, Bishop's Bridge and the nearby houses that are so quaint and expensive that only Savilles sell them. They usually dress in crew cut sweaters or those blue fishermen's smock things and sometimes will even have a knotted red handkerchief around their necks as a badge of office. If they are good enough they prefer to exhibit in the Assembly Rooms for a week every year. If not you will find their paintings on the walls of those coffee shops in Broadland or North Norfolk that have placemats that look like pizza bases and sell eratz homemade jam and Norfolk Lavender as a sideline.

This pair (whom my lawyers advise me to point out are not like the stereotype above) arrived together and moved to opposite sides of the street where they faced each other like Western gunmen at high noon. Sadly though they were not painting each other.

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