Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Changing Tastes

The takeaway formerly known as............
AFTER: "The takeaway formerly known as............" a photo by Colonel Blink

They Changed it! The name of the takeaway on Prince Of Wales Road formerly called Tasteless and noted in this entry of mine has changed it's name to Tastebuds by the simple expedient of removing the less and replacing it with buds on its signboard as can be evidenced by the different style of font.

'Give me the blandest thing on the menu'

" 'Give me the blandest thing on the menu' " a photo by Colonel Blink

It is fun to speculate what brought about this change in policy from probably the first example of truthful advertising to hit Prince of Wales Road.
1. It was some kind of post-modernist joke that did not come off. Customers were put off by the name and the staff became pissed off by drunks demanding their money back because the food tasted of something if only monosodium glutamate and various E numbers.
2. The owners do not have English as a first language (as is the case with the proprietors of many takeaways) and it took a while to realise that tasteless is not the same as tastiness.
3. The signwriter made a mistake having misheard what he was supposed to write.
4. The signwriter, the brother in law of the owner, deliberately made a mistake because he hates his sister's husband.

In fact, as is often the case, speculation is more fun than knowing the truth so I will not investigate the matter.

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Rick said...

Sorry that this is not about Tasteless . . . But is it possible to get copies of your Rackheath church photos of Feb. 2006? They're quite good.