Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Help The Age Discrimination

There is always something going on in London Street number 410: A chugger (a name achieved by amalgamating the words charity and mugger) caught in the act of raising funds for Help The Aged. Amusingly despite that Charity's claim on its website that it stands four square in the fight against ageism in the workplace ("Age discrimination should not be tolerated") I have never seen one of their street fund-raisers over the age of twenty five.

I would imagine that the arguments why this should be so are much the same as the arguments put forward in the sixties and seventies when observers asked why only white males and never women or people from racial minorities became foremen in factories; "They don't want to do it, the work is not suited to them, they have the wrong temperment etc. etc."

Their website also claims that "Age discrimination is hard to spot" - No its not (see photo).

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