Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mast Base

Mast Base, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

About twenty years ago this corner of the River Wensum, next to the mortuary that has turned into Zaks Hamburger restaurant, was given a face lift. Seats were put in, a large notice board describing the history of the area was erected and a Wherry mast was installed as a flag pole. After a few months the notice board was burnt and the seats had had an axe taken to them.

All that remains now of the revamp is the sign announcing the totally made up name for the spot -Petch's Corner- peeping through the forest of weeds, litter and discarded syringes and the mast.

Unfortunately when "they" concieve of these schemes and get funding for installing them they never get money for the upkeep and for the lack of a coat of varnish or even creosote the mast is rotting away and will soon either fall down or have to be taken down.

Sic transit Gloria Mundi which as any fule kno translates as "Every Monday Gloria gets travel sick".

Wherry mast flag pole

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