Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Other

Reflected trees in the Wensum River, Norwich, Norfolk.

"'I should be ill,' she continued, 'if I did not live on the borders of the fairies' country, and now and then eat of their food. And I see by your eyes that you are not quite free of the same need; though, from your education and the activity of your mind, you have felt it less than I.'"
George MacDonald - Phantasteses

It is supposed to be viewed large.

Later Note Only ten year old Master Menace Blink shares my sense of the otherness of this landscape stating unprompted "This photo is really weird. It is both night and day." No one else has given it a second glance. ho hum I will just have to plough a lonely furrow.

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Vincent said...

It did not give me permission to view large.