Saturday, January 17, 2009

Echo All Over The World

Echo All Over The World, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

A small selection of phonograph cylinder boxes, (labels from left to right) Pathe; Columbia; Pioneer; The International Indestructible Record Company; Edison Amberol; Edison Blue Amberol; Edison; Edison Gold Moulded. There is also a shop sales card for Sailing In My Balloon by Miss Florry Cooper. Echo All Over The World was a sales slogan for the Edison Bell company.

Although none of the above were manufactured in Norfolk this photograph still earns a place in my flickr set called Formerly Made In Norfolk because they represent a mystery about a long forgotten Norwich business.

When the phonograph first came to Britain in the late 19th Century only three companies were licensed to produce cylinders: Edison, Columbia and Red Star of Red Lion Street Norwich. The company was variously called Red Star and Norwich Star and I have never seen a phonograph cylinder or met anyone who has seen a phonograph cylinder produced by them. Except for their presence on a couple of lists of recordings, absolutely nothing is known of this pioneering Norfolk company.

This is obviously a call for information. If you can fill in the blank spaces please contact me.

I must acknowledge the help of Mr Edward Murray-Harvey and the late Douglas FitzPatrick for what little information I have.

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