Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tin Lid

Tin Lid, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

..............When she had to retire from her position as cook at the "big house" she discovered that she could not survive on her savings. Nevertheless his Lordship and his family always looked out for her when they visited the workhouse on Boxing Day and made sure they had sorted out some special treat "just for her".

..............Members of her family carried on the tradition though as can be seen below
Her New ApplianceAngel in the kitchen


Anonymous said...

It is a design classic, place a woman with an apron on in a domestic setting and carrying preparing or just simply near some good wholesome food. Have her wearing some slap with a huge inane grin upon her face...

However I am intrigued by the potato butter...Is it like Cadbury's Smash only with lard in it and really really horrid? I have never encountered such a thing.

Cheers JH!


Anonymous said...

Note to self: fool, it say's, "Cutter" not "butter."