Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Blickling Park Pyramid

In the middle of the parkland that surrounds Blickling hall in Norfolk may be found a 45 foot tall pyramid which houses the remains of of the 2nd Earl of Buckingham, John Hobart, and his two wives. Over the portico one can see the Earl's coat of arms.

Brought up on a diet of Enid Blyton and Errol Flynn's film of Robin Hood I have a very fixed idea of what the English greenwood should be like; sadly the reality rarely lives up to the dream. When one finally finds one that could be home to Puck, or Will Scarlet or Julien, Anne, Dick and George you walk through it experiencing a gale force 10 feeling of deja vu. It is completely disorientating, therefore, while walking in such a wood to step into a clearing and discover a pyramid. File under magical or surreal or just plain strange.

Try this links page for more information about Blickling Hall, and the surrounding parkland

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