Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Norwich Cathedral from the East (Kett'sCastle)

Norwich Cathedral from the East (Kett'sCastle)
Norwich Cathedral from the East (Kett'sCastle)
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Both these photographs represent a failure; I was attempting to take a panoramic shot of the whole of Norwich in the style of the 18th Century Panoramic topographical prints that were once so popular. In the event my little camera was not up to the task so I had to make do with a picture of the Cathedral and another of the Lollards Pit Gasometer.

I find both subjects equally monumental and beautiful in their own way.

Unfortunately the cast iron and steel gasometer is due for demolition and has not been in use for a year or more while the Cathedral Close has become nothing more than a very exclusive car park for those who work in the Solicitor's and Accountant's offices that surround it. There are still services held in the Cathedral that do not interfere too much with the opening times of the Gift Shop or the Cathedral Restaurant (culinary speciality Curate's Egg on toast).

Lollard's Pit Gasometer, Norwich

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