Friday, July 22, 2005

Year 3 Leaver's Assembly

Year 3 Leaver's Assembly

Created from a photograph using Paint Shop Pro 8 with the Virtual Painter (version 1) plugin. The original photograph was OK and capable of being 'published' to the internet without any of this arty-farty embellishment. It was taken using available light (the flash would have put off the children) in a fairly gloomy 1930s school hall using a piece of string as a steadying line. I am leary, however in times like these, of publishing too many photographs of children to the Web -especially if they are not my own and I do not have every child's parent's permission.

I am not too happy with the result except that it perhaps succeeds in becoming a representation of all the chidren's concerts I have attended instead of being a record of a particular one.

There is one unanswered question about school concerts; How come no matter how early you get to them the front row is already 'taken'? Do these people camp out overnight? Live in the school?

Formula (if I remember correctly):

Using PSP 8 and Virtual Painter v. 1.00

One stop photo fix > VP Watercolour (everything -5 except focus which is +5)>despeckle>adjust contrast and lightness(manual)>adjust colour satuation(manual)>maximum edge preserving smooth>VP Collage (everything -5 except focus which is +5)>adust contrast and lightness(manual)>VP Oil Painting(everything -5 except focus which is +5)> One stop photo fix>adust contrast and lightness(manual)>adjust colour satuation.

Very simple very quick. There are other adjustments to the picture but they like seasoning in receipes are 'to taste'.

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Zizzybaloobah said...

I think you've succeded -- this definitely has the feeling of every program I've ever attended (my daughter is 14, so I've been to too many of them!)

And yes, I think they do camp out overnight -- I never liked sitting with the overachieving, pushy parents anyway!