Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Seeking Immortality, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

The Actual And The Actuarial

two of these people will be unhappy for most of their lives,
half of them will have marriages that end in divorce,
one of them will have a cat that does not prefer Kit E Kat,
four will be a victim of violent crime,
five of them will suffer from clinical depression,
one will be saved by the love of a good woman,
three will never fully acknowledge their sexuality,
three more become vegetarians (though one of these makes an occasional secret exception for bacon),
one will be a taxi driver
another a nurse.

Over a half never know true poverty.
Three of them will have criminal records but one of these while in jail finds Jesus.
Some of them will have children, all of whom will be either male or female.
All except two will, at one time in their lives, own cars.
One of them will die before they are eighteen.
Most of them, at some time, will worry about their appearance
One will become blind while another becomes a millionaire.
Two will fail the Pepsi test
One will be stuck in a broken lift for two hours with a man called Don
while another is destined to spend sixteen hours every week watching Soap Operas on television.
There is at least one alchoholic
A heroin addict
There is also someone who life is given over to good works.
And another who buys a lottery ticket every week of his life but never wins the jackpot.
There is the one who will read The Guardian while many of the rest choose The Sun.
One of them will spend their twenty first birthday in Spain.

All of them fall in love
most of them with other people.

All of them will die.
Most of them will be sadly missed.

With a pin you can choose which.

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