Sunday, March 26, 2006

Painting The Crowds With Sunshine

I have seen him before. His paintings always seem to turn Norwich from a East Anglian market town into a multicololoured place under a Mediterrean sky. I only wish I could love them

"When I pretend I'm gay,
I never feel that way,
I'm only painting the clouds with sunshine.
When I hold back a tear,
To make a smile appear,
I'm only painting the clouds with sunshine.
Painting the blues, beautiful hues,
Coloured with gold and old rose.
Playing the clown, trying to drown, all of my woes.
Tho' things may not look bright,
They'll turn out alright,
If I keep painting the clouds with sunshine."

Painting the Clouds with Sunshine (song)
music by Joe Burke, lyrics by Al Dubin

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Hindolveston Village Screen said...

Those colours are a little, um, sudden.