Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Pig-a-back, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

Anyone know the rules for this one. Like Ludo (and its brother called Uckers in the Royal Navy) it appears to be a variation on the Indian game of Pachisi. I only have the board of which this is the label. Ludo was introduced in Britain in 1880 or 1896 depending on which book you read. The former seems more likely since the Pig-a-back board bears the registration mark 173533 which dates it at 1891.

Other Victorian-Edwardian Pachisi variations included Royal Ludo and Monarch Ludo.

One other worthwhile (although I bet there are a lot more) link is Pachisi & Ludo - pc games, rules & history

The board measures roughly twelve and a half inches square. If you want a large copy of the board you will have to click on the picture below and join flickr (which is free) and then click the all sizes button above the photograph.

Pig-a-back board

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