Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The World's Shortest Ghost Story

Not, I hasten to add, my own creation; It was first told to me over thirty years ago as a joke.

Two strangers were talking.

"I do not believe in ghosts" said one.

"Don't you?" said the other as he vanished.

Other people's camps - Smoke Ghost
Other people's camps - Smoke Ghost a photograph by Colonel Blink.

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Colonel Blink said...

.................I should have mentioned I know of at least two contenders for the World's Shortist Horror story.

"I will never leave you," she said, as she pulled him into her coffin.

.................and one that won a national competition and runs something like this

Waking in a sweat he reached out for the bedside light and felt instead a face.

Pip! Pip!