Friday, September 01, 2006

There are a thousand stories in Norwich City and this is one of them

10pm. Wednesday August 30th.

I am walking through Norwich, going to the pub.

A man is sitting cross legged on a blanket and works on his Apple notebook in the open porch to Bethel Street Police Station. He is totally focused on the task in hand and as I walk past he does not lift his head. He gives no sign that what he is doing is anything other than ordinary.

The situation is similar to one of those Edward de Bono lateral thinking tests where an odd situation is postulated and you have to give a rational interpretation but truthfully no matter how hard you try you will not come up with a totally satisfactory explanation.

I stop, turn and take a photograph. Thus another strange occurance is catalogued and almost made safe. I reflect that I am not the only one to have mechanisms to keep the bizarre at bay. I light a Hamlet and continue my walk to the pub.

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