Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Shots Fired In World Water War One.

Lilac Satanic Mills, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

Colman's Factory, Carrow, Norwich.

The reason that Colman's are still situated in Carrow Road has nothing to do with the company's historic links with the City of Norwich. Those links went years ago when the company was bought out by some multi-national megacoporation and even the seeds used in their English Mustard are more likely to come from Canada than East Anglia. The reason Colman's have not sold their valuable -and largely empty- site and moved to an industrial estate in the Midlands is water. The factory sits on its own private well that even with their sister company Robinson's (who share the site) drawing on it for their little box drinks and squashes guarantees them 70 years of water. With global warming, and the doom-sayers claiming that the next big wars will be over not land or oil but water this gives them a financial and competitive edge.

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