Wednesday, June 21, 2006

St Mary's Kirby Bedon - Inside The Round Tower

St Mary's Kirby Bedon - Inside The Round Tower, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

The County Of Norfolk in England is blessed or cursed with more round tower churches than any other part of the country. These with round towers are popularly designated, (often wrongly) as Saxon. The county also has over a hundred ruined churches which have been allowed to disintegrate because they have no congregation to serve.

St Mary's is such a medieval church and is now a haven for pigeons and at least one pair of jackdaws. I walked into the ruin of the tower, disturbed the pigeons and fired my camera as they rose.

Other wildlife I saw signs of in the churchyard as well as numerous songbirds were hedgehogs, rabbits and foxes (the latter by smell only as I did not see them)

It's a double hander for the habitual church visitor. On one side of the road is St Mary's and directly opposite is the working Church of St Andrews. One village, two manors, two parishes and two churches. A notice in the Churchyard suggests that like South Walsham, Antingham and Reepham they may even have shared the same graveyard at some time.

If you are the kind of chap or chappette who travels with a thermos and a packet of sandwiches St Mary's would be a good place to have a picnic.

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