Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last Chance To See........... The Nest, Rosary Road, Norwich

From these photographs you can get an idea of why The Nest original home of Norwich City Football Club was considered to be such a remarkable football ground. Set in a "natural" wooded ampitheatre and commanding a stunning view of the Cathedral and City it was rightly considered almost unique. Allegedly the sound of the crowd would be bounced by the hill behind and carried right across the City as far as Earlham.

This part of Norwich is particularly full of ghosts; it is near where Kett's rebels camped before starting their assault upon the City in 1549 and it is just up the road from the so-called Lollard's Pit a place of execution for protestant dissenters in the reign of Queen Mary Tudor. It is next to the site of Thompsons the ironmongery wholesalers who were once one of the largest employers in Norwich. Bombs landed here in World War 2.

Soon work will begin building houses and offices on The Nest site and so this is really the last chance to get an idea of what the football ground was like in its heyday.

The Nest, Rosary Road, Norwich - Last Chance To See

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