Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mousehold Heath, Norwich

A walk on Mousehold Heath, Norwich, Good Friday Mousehold Heath originally extended from Norwich to Blofield and Wroxham. Much of the trees (and some of the grass) were planted by the Victorians who found the naked heath indecorous. Which leads to the question that besets the whole of terraformed Britain; What should the good enviromentalist do? Should the Heath be returned to its 18th Century state of wilderness or should we preserve what we have got now? In fact rotting material from the trees have so enriched the soil that a return to heathland is probably not viable.

The best idea for the heath I have heard is one that the late Geoffrey Goreham used to push; Close all roads that cross the area.

In medievil times it was held to be a refuge for outlaws and outcasts. It is still used by rough sleepers.

Gorse, Mousehold Heath

"When the gorse is out of bloom
Then kissing is out of tune"

In other words the gorse is always flowering.

The Vinegar Pond, Mousehold Heath


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Anonymous said...

Is this the place known as "Vinegar pond," JH. It is full of frogs hopping and croaking and mating at certain times of the year. I went up the heath just after Christmas and it was iced over at this spot. Not that you could skate upon it though...

I love this blog and the photos because it always makes me think fondly of Norwich.