Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'ullo Kittyvision

'ullo Kittyvision, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

Twinkle, twinkle, little cat !
How I wonder what you're at !
Up above the world you fly,
Inside a telly. Are you on Sky?

With apologies to Lewis Carroll, Jane Taylor, the entire English speaking world Rupert Murdoch , Sky TV and anyone else who may wish to sue me.

Below is another example by (presumably) the same artist this time on an inaccessable bit of riverbank. What I really want to know is was it painted from a boat or was the artist held upside down by the heels? Someone has suggested that both pictures are what is known as paste-ups.

If you look carefully on the right of the angel cat as well as on the left of the television cat you will see a small c in a circle presumably to denote that someone considers the design copyright; Will some grey suited lawyer force me to pay a fee for showing them here?

Try To Catch Me - Norwich
Try To Catch Me - Norwich originally uploaded by Colonel Blink

Real gone cat

Real gone cat

Goodbye Kitty

Ding Dong Dell,
Pussys gone to hell
Who painted him out,
Little Johnny Stout
Do not despair though
1. By it's very nature graffiti is ephemeral.
2. It is satisfying when the forces of law and order win out in the end even over a much loved outlaw as in Bonnie and Clyde and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
3. We have served our purpose by photographing it.
4. Everything is change.
5. It was not that good

But the good news is we found a new one.......................

The one true cat

The one true cat

Hello Kitty again.

Here is a link to an obsessive observer of Mr Cat's international manifestations
And a photo by Jiva of one of the Norwich cats
And a photo by vvt of one of the Norwich cats

Which is pretty much the whole story. Unless you know different.....................

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