Friday, April 28, 2006

Wham's Law

Two Bongoists, originally uploaded by Colonel Blink.

It seems unfair and breaking my own rules to use street performers as proof to a theory but "In any duo there is always the smiley one and the cool one."

This is known as either The Law Of Wham (after the group of that name) or the Lennon effect named after Saint John Lennon who was, however, famously a member of a quartet.

The only exceptions to this rule, that I can think of are
The Proclaimers and The Allisons. Even this statement is unfair as the former are identical twins and the latter were pretending to be non identical ones; Both used or use the similarity of their physical appearance to disguise or blur their own personalities.

Bongo Fury


glenbourne said...

What about Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnston?
..... although, I don't think either played the bongos.

Colonel Blink said...

1.) I think all the exceptions will come from the Eurovision Song Contest.

2.) The rule applies to members of Homo Sapiens only.

Actually I am still reeling from the information on Wickr that the Allisons were not really twins. Did their parents have the same milkman?

glenbourne said...

Well OK then, what about Yazoo? Don't recall Alf ever simling and Vince Clarke is just doom and gloom personified, regardless of whichever duo he's been in ... and he's been with a few in his time.

Colonel Blink said...

Gotcha! Or something.

Yahoo was not properly a duo. Ms Moyet was just another instrument Vince played; which was one reason why she left.
Vince Clarke treats all his singers in the same way.