Monday, April 03, 2006

Norwich Market - Andy The Leather Man

Andy has had a stall on Norwich Market since the 1970s. He is soft spoken (in a Bob Harris sort of way) and very gentle. He is one of the constants on the market. He wears pretty much the same kind of clothes he always has and his hair and beard - though considerably greyer and thinner - is recognisably the 1970s model. He started off making and selling the kind of leather belts and bags Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young took to Woodstock and despite the vagaries of fashion he has not seen the need to change anything about his stock since then.

Despite the market revamp (which is the second market revamp he has thus far endured) his stall looks as it always has; as if it has just escaped from Titus Groan's Gormenghast Castle.

He is an enthusiastic photographer (roll film only).

There is also a scientific phenomenon known as the Andy-The-Leather-Man-Effect; you can go to any pub in Norwich -no matter how obscure- and just as you are about to have that first drink you look around and there he is, pint glass in hand, smiling amiably.

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