Sunday, April 09, 2006


It comes to something when you consider innocence as bizzarre.

Bengate is a small village consisting of a postbox, ten houses and a notice board. For some reason the highways department decided that the main Stalham to North Walsham (A149) road that cuts through it would become incredibly congested and built an underpass leading from the village into a field. This underpass is perhaps Bengate's main physical feature.

Now anywhere else in England after twenty years or so any underpass would be first of all festooned with graffiti and secondly you would be wading waist deep through beer cans and hyperdermic syringes. Not so Bengate. This is one of the only two rather touching paintings on the wall; cricket stumps. On the opposite side there is another set. Someone has converted the underpass into an indoor cricket pitch.

There is something charming, innocent, pre-war and Just William about vandalism at this level.

Mind you the notice board at the entrance has lost its glass but I reckon that was because of the last high wind they had and will be fixed as soon as the parish council has held an emergency crisis meeting about this event and then raised the money for the repair.
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Colin said...

That is a wonderful little story. You have a superb blog here, Colonel!