Monday, March 12, 2007

Virgin on the ridiculous

This leaflet dropped through my letterbox today. I thought at first one of the street walkers who troll up and down outside at night had gone upmarket and produced an illustrated brochure and tariff but no it was the third leaflet in a week from Virgin Media trying to sell me their cable services.

My response was to take Mr Branson at his word and see if indeed Rosary Road had become more sexy. Using the wonders of digital photography and the criteria that Mr Justice Caulfield used to sum up in the 1987 Jeffrey Archer trial "Has she elegance? Has she fragrance?" I can report that there is no discernable evidence to support the claim that Rosary Road is any sexier.

However you may disagree and so I offer you, dear reader, the opportunity to compare the glimpse of the road above and the one in this picture on our special phoneline. Comments will be charged at the premium rate of 50 pence per second. Please get the permission of whoever pays the bills

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