Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who's Minding The Garden?

In that peculiar mythology created by the D. C. Thomson comics the park keeper or parky is at eternal war with children. Dennis The Menace or Roger The Dodger or Beryl The Peril are continually thwarted in their desire to walk on the grass, play football or climb trees by a uniformed spoilsport, often sporting a Hitler style moustache, with a scowl on his face and the strange angry noise GRRRR coming out of his mouth.

What are today's children to make of his replacement? Does the new Winker Watson instead of attacking his human counterpart with a peashooter try and infect this electronic parky with a computer virus or attack it with a DOS?

Or are modern children too busy staying indoors,shielded by their parent's fear of letting them outside, playing computer games and watching television? Do the latest D. C. Thomson comics feature Robot Parkys chasing robot Dennis the Menaces for the entertainment of children who do not go out of their front door.

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