Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Whole Earth Catalogue Of Disasters

Seen on a display of Easter Eggs in Tesco's, Blue Boar Lane, Sprowston, Norfolk. This sign has been in place for about a week now. On the Tesco website it says here that "Tesco Wholefoods are a range of natural, unprocessed products that have a beneficial effect on people's health" and also that "besides being delicious, these foods are rich in minerals, nutrients and vitamins." Of their own web-pages Tesco says here "You'll find all the information and advice you need for a healthy diet, right here. Discover more about what's in your food, how to keep children healthy................"

Having seen the sign and read the web-page I have stopped giving vegetables to my family and am feeding them only chocolate Easter Eggs. If this diet has any unforseen ill effects, will Tesco be liable?

I note that another supermarket chain, ASDA, are offering all their Easter Eggs at £1 each and I was sorely tempted until I realised that theirs are not healthy ones.

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Emalyse said...

Brilliant - This pictures says it all. Well done.